LCWR assembly reaffirms commitment to addressing
'the sin of racism'


AUG. 10, 2018


Church Teaching on Cremation

From The Family Apostolate, Fr. Vincent Arisukwu, publisher

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Not a pleasant topic of conversation, but a necessary one

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With inmate's fate unclear, Florida bishops pray to end death penalty


AUGUST 13, 2018


society is becoming more informal, as some people like to call it (I prefer the term sloppy, myself, but that is just my opinion).​​

You Are Not Alone

Read about a NEW Archdiocese of Baltimore Ministry to families experiencing loss through miscarriage

Update on Black Catholic Saints-to-be


Signs and Symbols in the Mass


Servant of God, Fr. Augustus Tolton

Augustus was born to two slaves, Peter Paul Tolton and his wife Martha Jane, on April 1, 1854. With the outbreak of the War between the States, Peter Paul hoped to gain freedom for his family and escaped to the North where he served in the Union Army, and was one of the 180,000 blacks who were killed in the war. His widow decided that she would see her husband’s quest for freedom realized in his children. After managing a crossing of the Mississippi River she made her way to Illinois and settled in the small town of Quincy. Read more...

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Thursday, September 6th, 7:00- 8:00pm
Day of Prayer for Racial Justice, Peace and Healing with

Archbishop Bernard Hebda
Church of St. Peter Claver
369 Oxford Street
St. Paul, MN

We invite everyone from the Rondo community and from around the Archdiocese to join us.

For more information:

Saturday, September 15th, 9:00am- Wednesday, September 19th, 9:00am

Alive Again: Rejoicing in Our Relationships
Different Venues - See flyer at right for details.

Black Catholic Mission Week featuring: Rev. William Norvel, SSJ, Rev. Chester Smith, SVD, Rev. Kenneth Hamilton, SVD, Rev. Charles Smith, SVD, and Rev. Anthony Bozeman, SSJ.

Sponsored by the Office of Intercultural and Ethnic Diversity, Archdiocese of Atlanta, and the Bowman Francis Ministry, Indianapolis, IN. For more information, contact Ashley Morris

The ideal Executive Director must be committed to and have an understand-

ing of the mission of Catholic Higher Education, hold an MA in education,

value the importance of the liberal arts, appreciate the centrality of faith in the formation of young people, and have a commitment to social justice and the growth and development of the students the Foundation is dedicated to serving. Ideally, the Executive Director will be a practicing Catholic.

The Executive Director has day-to-day responsibility for leading and overseeing the four core components that are equally fundamental to the work of the Foundation


​Help for families experiencing adverse prenatal diagnosis:
Isaiah’s Promise

Natural Family Planning:

Office of Marriage and Family Life



Office of Marriage and Family Life


Intimate Partner Violence:

Catholics for Family Peace

Photo by: OnePeterFive

Overview: The Thea Bowman Foundation (“Foundation”) is seeking an experienced and proven leader as its Executive Director.  The Executive Director is responsible for leading and managing the organization’s operational, fiscal, administrative, programmatic and strategic functions in compliance with the foundation’s mission, goals, and objectives. 

The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors.

Position Summary – Executive Director
The board of the Foundation is seeking a dynamic leader to work collaboratively with the board, existing staff, students, partner institutions of higher education, donors, and other constituents in building the next phase of the organization’s history.

Grant Cycle 2018

Closes on September 1, 2018 at 5:00 PM EDT

Respect Life Pastoral Care

Venerable Pierre Toussaint

Pierre was born in Haiti and brought to New York City as a slave, where he died a free man. 

Bérard, the plantation owner and Pierre's master, allowed Pierre's grandmother to teach her grandson how to read and write. In his early 20s, Pierre, his younger sister, his aunt, and two other house slaves accompanied their master’s son to New York City because of political unrest at home. Apprenticed to a local hairdresser, Pierre learned the trade quickly and eventually worked in the homes of rich women in New York City. Read more...

Bishops gear up for looming immigration battle over family separation

Christopher White  |  Jul 25, 2018 

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Schedule:  Monday-Thursday 1:30 PM – 10:00 PM; 
Friday 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM, 40 hours/week
Please apply online:  Franciscan University Staff Positions
The Custodial Coordinator is responsible for custodial services in educational and office buildings on campus. Read more...

Date:  July 23, 2018
Position Available:  Grounds Arborist
Position Reports to:  Manager of Grounds       
Department:  Grounds/Physical Plant Services
FLSA Status:  Non-exempt
Schedule:  Monday-Friday, 40 hours/week
Please apply online:  Franciscan University Staff Positions
The Grounds Arborist maintains the health and safety of the trees on campus. Read more...

Bishop Curtis J. Guillory

For The Good

Servant of God, Mother Mary Lange

Elizabeth Lange was born in around 1794 in Santiago de Cuba, where she lived in a primarily French speaking community. She received an excellent education and in the early 1800s Elizabeth left Cuba and settled in the United States, settling in Baltimore as a courageous, loving, and deeply spiritual woman. There was no free public education for African American children in Maryland until 1868, so she responded to that need by opening a school in her home in the Fells Point area of the city for the children. Read more...

Fr. Augustus Tolton

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 Dedicated to improving the lives of Black Catholics across the United States 

Calendar of Events​​

Date:  August 3, 2018
Position Available:  Head Baseball Coach/Athletic Fields Manager
Position Reports to:  Athletic Director
Department:  Athletics
FLSA Status:  Exempt
Schedule:  Full-time, Variable Hours: Primarily evening and weekend hours during the academic year
Please apply online:  Franciscan University Staff Positions
The Head Baseball Coach/Athletic Fields Manager will oversee the intercollegiate baseball program  Read more...

Date:  July 23, 2018
Position Available:  Custodial Coordinator
Position Reports to:  Manager of Custodial & Safety Services  
Department:  Physical Plant Services
FLSA Status:  Non-exempt
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Gifts of Service

Stories from three women about their call to service:

* Sr. Desiré Anne-Marie Findlay, CSSF

* Sr, Gwynette Proctor, SNDdeN

* Ms. Gail Grady​​

​​The loss of formality in society causes us to lose our understanding of the importance of formality in human experience.

What is the Truth About Annulment?

This sermon is about the beauty of marriage by way of the pain of annulments, and it is sure to be controversial. It might sound excessively traditional, but it is based on a key line of a quote from Pope John Paul II. He said that for a declaration of nullity to be granted, run-of-the-mill difficulties in marriage were not sufficient, but rather, “real incapacity is to be considered [for an annulment analysis] only when an anomaly of a serious nature is present”—Pope John Paul II’s exhortation on Canon 1095, written on 25 February 1987.  ​Read more...


Ask Fr. Josh is the podcast where I hear you out and do my best to help you navigate the tricky times in life when our Catholic Faith doesn’t give you an easy “fill-in-the blank” answer. On this show, we’ll listen to one another, problem solve together, and ultimately entrust everything to our Lord. If this is your first time tuning in, here’s how the show goes: Each episode, I'll address three to four of your questions. I’ll cover everything from Catholic teaching to moral dilemmas to relationship advice. I'm not perfect, and I can’t guarantee that my advice is going to make things easy, but I'll do my best to share what I've learned during my time as a priest, pastor, and friend. Email me your questions at and find out more at

Summer 2018​​

Many of the resources listed here are for the Baltimore area. For resources in your area, contact the Respect Life office in your diocese.

Prayer and education on life before birth:
Spiritual Adoption
Partner Ministries

Help for homeless pregnant women:
Gabriel Network


Help for pregnancy help:


Text HELPLINE to 313131

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Executive Director, Sister Thea Bowman Black Catholic Educational Foundation

Congress 12 Pastoral Plan of Action

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National Black Catholic Congress

August: Month of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Due to the continuing interest by Catholics concerning cremation, the Vatican issued an instruction regarding burial practices for Catholics in 2016. The instruction reiterates that the church, while not opposed to the practice of cremation, continues to recommend traditional burial.

The document specifies that either the body or the ashes of the deceased should be buried in sacred ground and that cremains should not be kept in private homes or scattered on land or at sea, nor "preserved in mementoes; pieces of jewelry or other objects."

Burial in sacred ground, said the Vatican, prevents the deceased from being forgotten and encourages family members and the wider Christian community to remember the deceased and to pray for them.

Historically, cremation was linked to the burial practices of pagans, whose religious beliefs did not include the expectation of eventual resurrection and viewed death as the definitive obliteration of the human person. The Catholic Church began to allow cremation only in 1963, as it became commonplace for economic and sanitary reasons.

But the church's Code of Canon Law has continued to express the preference for burial over cremation because the burial of human remains, in the church's mind, reflects a greater esteem for the deceased and more clearly expresses the Christian belief in an 

Come join us as we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Ignatius Press!

DATE AND TIME: Fri, Nov 2, 2018, 6:00 PM –
Sat, Nov 3, 2018, 5:00 PM PDT

​LOCATION: Cathedral Of Saint Mary
Of The Assumption, 1111 Gough St.,
San Francisco, CA 94109

Along with Ignatius Press founder Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J., and the women and men of Ignatius Press, you’ll be joining Cardinal Francis Arinze, Peter Kreeft, Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J., Steve Ray, Michael D. O'Brien, and Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone.
We will begin with a dinner and talks on Friday, November 2nd, followed by Mass and a day of speakers on Saturday, November 3rd. We hope you can join us for both! 

AUG. 15, 2018

Diocese of


Today we celebrate the Feast of the Assumption

Here's help for implementing
​the PPA


The Immaculate Heart is often venerated together with the Sacred Heart of Jesus (the devotion we celebrate in June), and with good reason. Just as the Sacred Heart represents Christ's love for mankind, the Immaculate Heart represents the desire of the Blessed Virgin to bring all people to her Son.

There is no better example of the Christian life than that offered by Mary. Through the following prayers, which help to deepen our devotion to her Immaculate Heart, we can join the Mother of God in drawing closer to Christ. Read more...


Death By Birth: Bearing the Burden of Maternal Mortality


When A Mother Dies
When Calista Johnson died
five days after giving birth,
she left behind a family
struggling to understand why.

Pastoral Plan of Action

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eventual resurrection, when the person's body and soul will be reunited.

As the Vatican's 2016 instruction says, "Burial is above all the most fitting way to express faith and hope in the resurrection of the body" and shows "the great dignity of the human body as an integral part of the human person, whose body forms part of their identity."

That same instruction does note, though, that "cremation of the deceased's body does not affect his or her soul, nor prevents God in his omnipotence from raising up the deceased body to new life."

The Catholic Church also allows burial at sea. The new Vatican guidelines do not prohibit that, so long as the body or cremated remains are buried in a dignified and well-protected container. (Catholics should consult with their diocese for further instructions, since standards can vary from diocese to diocese.)

The church's Order of Christian Funerals has a specific prayer for such a burial, asking that the Lord who calmed the sea in Galilee may grant peace and tranquility to the person deceased (No. 406).

​Adapted from an article by Fr. Kenneth Doyle, Arlington Catholic Herald.

A Conversation with Stillness:
​The Ritual of Silence
​in the Mass

Cardinal Wuerl lays out plan for lay involvement in Bishops' accountability



Venerable Henriette Delille

Born in 1812 in New Orleans, Louisiana, Delille was a free woman of color. At 24 years of age, she experienced a religious conversion, and proclaimed: "I believe in God. I hope in God. I love. I want to live and die for God."

In 1836, Henriette drew up the rules and regulations for devout Christian women, which eventually became the Society of the Holy Family, responding to the need for treatment of the enslaved, elderly and sick, and care and education for the poor. Read more...

Servant of God Julia Greeley

​Denver's Angel of Charity was born into slavery, at Hannibal, Missouri, between 1833 and 1848. As a young child, Julia's right eye was destroyed by a cruel slavemaster's whip.

Freed by the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, Julia subsequently earned her keep by serving white families in Missouri, Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico—though mostly in the Denver area. Whatever she could spare, Julia ​spent assisting poor families in her neighborhood. When her resources were inadequate, she begged for food, fuel and clothing for the needy.  Read more...

​Addressing Disparities in Care for Minorities with Heart Valve Disease
​By | American Heart Association News 
Doctors and African-American communities are obligated to learn more about heart valve disease and the lifesaving procedures available to treat it, according to a report from the Association of Black Cardiologists.

Remembering the dress your wife wore on your first date or your husband’s favorite meal are small things that truly touch the heart when they are remembered.

It is in the little things (things that may seem unimportant) that we show our unity and find the richest symbolism. It is in the little things of the Mass that we see our unity as Catholics and the richest symbols of the liturgy.

​When non-Catholic Christians choose to join the Catholic Church, one factor that they often say attracted them to Catholicism is the beauty of our liturgies, the ritual beauty of our Mass. Yet, many of these converts also wonder why our liturgies are so structured. I find that many Catholics often wonder this, also, and I think that we are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with it because, as a society, we are moving away from formalities. Our 


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by Scott P. Richert | Updated July 20, 2018

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N E W S L E T T E R 

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'Angel Friends' Among Us: 

How the Gabriel
Network helps mothers and children realize
​better lives

Black Catholic News 

Employment Opportunities

Direct Services through Respect Life Office

Post-Abortion Healing:

Project Rachel Baltimore


Ministry to Families Who Have Lost Children Through Miscarriage:
Holy Innocents


Pastoral Care Education through Respect Life Office

Catholic vision for compassionate care at
​end of life:

In Joyful Hope