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May 2017

Our Mother of Africa Chapel

The National Black Catholic Men's Conference will be held in Miami, Florida, from October 5-8, 2017. The theme of this year's conference is: "The Challenge is to Silence the Mind." Register at: The cost is $150.00 for adults, $75.00 for College and High School Students, and $50.00 for youth ages 8-13.

​More information is available by contacting Fr. Chester 

The Ordination of Bishop Roy Campbell

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May 2017


Old Fashioned Tent Revival

Sun May 21st 7:00pm - Wed 24th 7:00pm
St. Raymond/St. Leo the Great, N Claiborne Ave
& St Bernard Ave, New Orleans, LA 70116
St. Raymond/St. Leo the Great will be hosting their Annual Tent Revival at 7pm at the corner of St. Bernard Ave. and N. Claiborne Ave. More info will be coming soon.

June 2017


In His Image Youth Retreat 2017
from 8:30am - 3:00pm at the Archdiocesan Youth Retreat Center, 499 Belgrove Dr, Kearny, NJ 07032.
The African American, African and Caribbean Apostolate present "In His Image" Spiritual Retreat. Join us for faith, food and fun on Saturday, June 24th 2017, from 8:30am to 3pm at the Archdiocesan Youth Retreat Center in Kearny, NJ.

Smith at or 317-259-0144. Or visit:

April 30th on the African continent, the feast of Our Lady, Mother of Africa is celebrated with special, proper liturgical prayers. We pray that Our Lady's intercession may obtain peace, prosperity and - above all - greater faith and vitality for the Church in Africa.

Taken from Franciscan Mission Outreach

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May is the Month of Mary

Feast of Our Lady, Mother of Africa

"Whom shall I send? Who will go for us?" "Here I am," I said, "Send me!" Isaiah 6:8

African Madonna,

Hennie Niemann Jnr

Johans Borman Fine Art

Painted by South African artist Hennie Niemann Jnr, the creativity and use of color in this painting reveals Mary as we’ve never seen her before. Serene and beautiful, she appears ageless.

The month of May is traditionally dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. May is a month of growth, when nature is reborn. This month normally belongs to the Easter season, between Easter and Pentecost. Many Catholics may be aware that May is consecrated to Mary, but it may be unclear why this month was selected for this particular distinction.

The reason for dedicating May to Our Lady is associated with the particular season of the year. May is certainly known for its springtime beauty (at least in the Northern Hemisphere). It is associated with flowers and blossoms, with trees which spring back to life, and grass which sprouts. It brings to mind the idea of promise and hope, of new life. Blessed John Henry Newman offers various reasons why May in particular is dedicated to Our Lady in “Meditations and Devotions”.

In classic western culture, both Greek and Roman, May was connected with the beginning of new life. This ancient belief led to May being associated with the motherhood of Mother Earth and thus to motherhood in general. It is for this reason that Mother’s Day is celebrated in May in many countries. This connection between May and motherhood led Christians to adopt May as the month of our Lady, the Mother of God and our heavenly Mother. She brought life into the world by giving birth to her Son, Jesus, who brought about a new spring.

May is normally part of the Easter season, the period of fifty days which lasts from Easter to Pentecost. During this time we celebrate the Lord’s Resurrection from the dead, a celebration which culminates with his Ascension to the Father and the sending of the Holy Spirit to the Church on Pentecost. It is a fitting time to dedicate to the Blessed Virgin Mary, to recall her intense joy over her Son’s Resurrection and the comfort and guidance she gave to the Apostles during this difficult period.

Mary has a unique role in the God’s plan of salvation and in the Church. She consented to the coming of the Savior and cooperated in developing His mission. She brought Him into the world, raised Him and lovingly stood by His side during the years of His hidden life. She supported Him during His public ministry in a quiet way, beginning at Cana, where by her intercession Jesus performed His first miracle (John 2:1-12). She cooperated in His work, even uniting her own suffering with that of her Son, standing at the foot of His cross. Mary was Jesus’ first disciple, humbly following Him during every step of His journey and mission. She trusted in God completely and lived by His grace. She is our model of true discipleship and of complete faith.

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Mass in Honor of Fr. Augustus Tolton
on Monday May 15th at St. John Chrysostom Church
at 7:00 pm.

Featuring Bishop Joseph N. Perry & the Missa Luba, Congolese Music from the 20th Century.
St. John Chrysostom Church

546 East Florence Avenue; Inglewood, California.


WEBINAR: Can You Hear Me Now: Strengthening the Spiritual and Prayer Lives of Middle Schoolers
Tue May 16th 1:00pm
ONLINE - We will discuss techniques, styles, and approaches to helping middle schoolers develop and deepen maturing spiritual and prayer lives. 

For more information go to

Mary’s mediating role in this sacred drama is uniquely embodied in the African American experience and eloquently expressed in the sculpture program of Our Mother of Africa Chapel. The sculpture program is the work of different artists and designers who combine romantic, classical, realist, and geometric forms to celebrate the sacred conversation in Our Mother of Africa Chapel.

All Text by: Donald Martin Reynolds, Ph.D.; New York City, 1997.

Head of the Virgin,

Leonardo Da Vinci

The Metropolitan Museum of  Arts, New York City, USA

This image, a practice chalk drawing for a later painting, shows how masterful Leonardo was at his craft. The Virgin’s profile is serene and has been described as possessing “magical beauty.” It’s hard not to notice the love in her eyes.

Limited rooms available at the Hyatt Regency Orlando Hotel

African Madonna, Unknown Artist

This beautiful depiction of an African Madonna with vibrant colors and a stylized manner is reminiscent of an icon in its formality, but still conveys the tender protectiveness of a mother for her child.


Thursday, 10/5 through Sunday, 10/8/17
The National Black Catholic Men's Conference 2017 

9801 International Drive
Orlando, Florida 32819

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Tepeyac Hill, Mexico City, Mexico.

When it miraculously appeared on the cloak of a peasant named Juan Diego in 1531, the image became a sign for ages to come of Mary’s love for humanity.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Byzantine icon ca. 13th/14th century

May: The Month of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Nada Mazzei, Catholic Standard, April 2017

Beautiful Images of Mary in Art

Father Michael Rennier, May 9th, 2017

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