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1 Sept. 2018

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 December 2018

October 2018

November 2018

Downloadable PDF of DRF Grant Report for Award Recipients

Dr. Ansel Augustine, MPS, Director of the Archdiocese of New Orleans Office of Black Catholic Ministries spearheads a program called ‘UWKEZAJI Project: Investment in Our Future.’ The focus of this program is to pass the heritage and traditions of Black Catholics to the next generation. Dr. Augustine spoke of the importance of this evangelism and the benefits of receiving the Daniel Rudd Fund grant.

“We decided [to use the grant monies] on the Annual
Youth & Young Adult Revival and the Annual
Habari Gani Retreat because these are the two
programs that make the greatest use of the funds in
regard to public impact. […] These programs are
important to the youth and young adults of this
community because it is a way for them to share their
​unique voices and talents with the wider Archdiocese.”

Daniel Rudd Fund Fact Sheet
Founded 2013

The Daniel Rudd Fund (DRF) for Black Catholic Activities was established by the National Black Catholic Congress (NBCC) Board of Trustees on November 8, 2013 in Baltimore, Maryland. It is a result of donations to the Congress to promote the ministry of African American Catholics. The Fund financially supports organizations who promote the NBCC Pastoral Plan. Applicants must be rooted in ministry with African American Catholics and familiar with the history and mission of the National Black Catholic Congress and the Pastoral Plan. All programs must develop one of the ten priorities of the NBCC Pastoral Plan.

The Daniel Rudd Fund (DRF)

​Established by the National Black Catholic Congress (NBCC) in 2013 as a result of donations to the Congress to promote the ministry of Black Catholics, the Fund financially supports organizations that promote the NBCC Pastoral Plan and leadership among African American Catholics. The goal is to assist new and existing organizations that need financial help to further promote the Gospel in their parishes, schools and communities.

In its initial year, 2014, the Fund granted $95,000 to 12 organizations throughout the nation; the following year (2015) resulted in 27 awarded grants equaling $95,000. During the 2016 Grant Cycle, 48 applications were submitted and 40 of those were forwarded to independent reviewers for funding recommendations.

The grant process is conducted entirely on-line.
You must be able to provide information about your organization: founding date, the committee chairs or officers; history; mission; and information about the program for which you are applying for funding, such as scope and budget. Only applications submitted through the online grant system prior to this date and time will be considered for funding.

This year we will be creating a NEW Pastoral Plan at Congress XII! Due to the creation of a new Pastoral Plan, THE NEXT CYCLE WILL NOT BEGIN UNTIL 2018. One of the criteria we base our decisions on is how well it fits the Pastoral Plan, so this will give organizations who wish to apply ample time to make sure their ideas are well-fitted to it.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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July 2018

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Application Cycle ​Opens

DRF Application Timeline

Award letters mailed with agreements.

When signed aggreements are received
​by the NBCC office, checks are mailed.

The Daniel Rudd Fund

Application Checklist

Before you begin your application, make sure you have the following information available.

Part 1: Contact Information
    - Organization Name
    - Address, Phone
    - Contact Person
    - Board /Committee Members

Part 2: Program Idea
Describe your program.  How does it relate to the Pastoral Plan?

Part 3: Budget
A budget template will be completed and will include the following information (See sample budget pictured below):
             A. Income:
                  - Amount Requested: $
                    - Other sources of Income: $
                    - Total Amount for the Program: $

             B. Expenses
                   - Program
​                      explain): $

Important Note:
The Daniel Rudd Fund
is to be used only for
programs, not salaries,
​supplies, etc

Part 4: Impact Statement
List 3 points which
describe how your program
will spread the Catholic Faith in the African American community.

Part 5: Scope
Is the program local or national, how so?

Part 6: Letter of Support
An endorsement from a Catholic Bishop, Religious Superior, Catholic Lay Leader of a National Organization

Early October


Applications sent to
independent reviewers
​for recommendations

Early Nov. 2018

NBCC Trustees approve recommendations

Rev. Maurice J. Nutt, C.Ss.R., D.Min., Former Director of
the Institute for Black Catholic Studies at Xavier University
of Louisiana, presents topics such as the quality of
education available to urban youth through an annual
Black Lives Matter symposium. Fr. Nutt offered the
following endorsement about the Daniel Rudd Fund.

​“The National Black Catholic Congress is highly commended for assisting in an effort that will have far-reaching effects not only for the Black Catholic communities, but for the African American community as a whole.”

August 2018

In 2014
      41 Applied
      12 Initiatives received grants

In 2015
      2015 Process was conducted on-line July 1 – September 1
      66 Applied, 39 approved for Review
      39 Applications categorized and given to the 2015 Reviewers:

In 2016
      2016 Process was conducted on-line July 1 – September 1
      48 Applications were submitted            

Dr. Kirk P. Gaddy, Ed.D., President of the 
Mother Mary Lange Guild Board of Directors 
​that oversees the effort to promote the Canonization of Mother Mary Lange, writes about the benefit of receiving a DRF grant.

“The Mother Mary Lange Guild offers its sincere gratitude and appreciation to The National Black Catholic Congress – Daniel Rudd Fund. We have gleamed much from this funding
and are encouraged to continue improving and enhancing mini-pilgrimages honoring Servant of
​God Mary Lange.”

What DRF Grant recipients are saying about the work they are accomplishing:

Mid-to-Late November