In 2016:

      2016 Process was conducted on-line July 1 – September 1

      48 Applications were submitted

      42 were approved for review, 26 received grants, which totaled $65,000.

What DRF Grants can be used for:

Materials, equipment, stipends that are specifically for the program.
Rentals related to the program and venue.
Postage and marketing for the event.

What DRF Grants cannot be used for:

Office supplies and materials that are necessary for the organization to do

Salaries for individuals that work directly for the organization applying for the grant.Basically, any expenses related to the day to day operation of the organization are not covered. Any expenses that are specific to the program can use DRF monies.

Pastoral Plan of Action

Downloadable PDF File

Lyke Foundation in Montz, LA,  conducts 

the "Lyke Conference," a four-day event that

consists of several tracks that address specific

needs within the Black Catholic parish

Many music ministers in Black parishes are non-Catholic and need orientation in the Catholic liturgy and musicians are in-services on the mass, appropriate rituals and music. A youth track addresses how the youth are called to serve within the Church, and a children's track brings the Church alive for them.

The Daniel Rudd Fund

The 2020 Daniel Rudd Fund Grant Cycle
will open July 1, 2020. 

Correspondence with the Daniel Rudd Fund Grant Administrator should be through

The Faith Community of
St. Sabina
in Chicago, IL

used a DRF grant to fund it's youth
outreach program, "Our Totally
​Compelling Faith."

This program introduced youth to the compelling person of Jesus Christ -- through dynamic and creative resources, events, guest speakers, and expressive outlets; and utilizing text messaging and social media as communication tools to share not only meeting and event notices, but scriptures, encouragement, inspirational messages, and faith formation.

PLEASE NOTE: The Daniel Rudd Fund (DRF) was instituted to provide start-up capital to organizations for programs that benefit Black Catholics; therefore, the DRF will only accept applications from organizations for a maximum of three grant cycles.

Application Checklist

Before you begin your application, make sure you have the following information available.

Part 1: Contact Information
    - Organization Name
    - Address, Phone
    - Contact Person
    - Board /Committee Members

Part 2: Program Idea
Describe your program.  How does it relate to the Pastoral Plan?

Part 3: Budget
A budget template will be completed and will include the following information (See sample budget below):
      A. Income:
       - Amount Requested: $
       - Other sources of Income: $
       - Total Amount for the Program: $ (add both lines above)

      B. Expenses
       - Program Expenses
         (please explain): $ (add all expenses for total)

IMPORTANT: A. Income and B. Expenses should be equal to show a balanced budget.

Important Note:
The Daniel Rudd Fund
is to be used only for
programs, not salaries,
​supplies, etc

Part 4: Impact Statement
List 3 points which
describe how your program
will spread the Catholic Faith in the African American community.

Part 5: Scope
Is the program local or national, how so?

Part 6: Letter of Support
An endorsement from a Catholic Bishop, Religious Superior, Catholic Lay Leader of a National Organization

The National Black Catholic Congress

                          Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament in

                                 Bensalem, PA implemented a program called

                                 "Afrocentric Multi-Media Prayer Module."

The program committee saw a need for more resources to enhance the spirituality of Black Catholics. Writes committee chair, Sr. Jane Nesmith, "It is a part of the mission of my religious congregation to 'challenge all forms of racism, as well as the other deeply rooted injustice in the world today." With few resources featuring people of color in the artwork, Sr. Nesmith undertook to provide more culturally sensitive prayer tools.

Founded 2013

The Daniel Rudd Fund (DRF) for Black Catholic Activities was established by the National Black Catholic Congress (NBCC) Board of Trustees on November 8, 2013 in Baltimore, Maryland. It is a result of donations to the Congress to promote the ministry of African American Catholics. The Fund financially supports organizations who promote the NBCC Pastoral Plan. Applicants must be rooted in ministry with African American Catholics and familiar with the history and mission of the National Black Catholic Congress and the Pastoral Plan. All programs must develop one of the ten priorities of the NBCC Pastoral Plan.

In 2014:

      41 Organizations applied for grants

      12 Initiatives received grants, which totaled $95,000

In 2015:

      2015 Process was conducted on-line July 1 – September 1

      66 Applied, 39 were approved for review

      39 Applications categorized and given to the 2015 Reviewers

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Types of programs DRF Grants
​are supporting:

Daniel Rudd Fund Fact Sheet

To view a sample Grant Agreement, please download the pdf below:

The Daniel Rudd Fund (DRF)

​Established by the National Black Catholic Congress (NBCC) in 2013 as a result of donations to the Congress to promote the ministry of Black Catholics, the Fund financially supports organizations that promote the NBCC Pastoral Plan and leadership among African American Catholics. The goal is to assist new and existing organizations that need financial help to further promote the Gospel in their parishes, schools and communities.

In its initial year, 2014, the Fund granted $95,000 to 12 organizations throughout the nation; the following year (2015) resulted in 27 awarded grants equaling $95,000. During the 2016 Grant Cycle, 40 grants were awarded totalling $62,500.

The grant process is conducted entirely on-line.
You must be able to provide information about your organization: founding date, the committee chairs or officers; history; mission; and information about the program for which you are applying for funding, such as scope and budget. Only applications submitted through the online grant system prior to this date and time will be considered for funding.

A new Pastoral Plan of Action was created during Congress 12. One of the criteria we base our decisions on is how well your program fits the Pastoral Plan, so applying organizations should verify that their program aligns with the Pastoral Plan.

 We hold ourselves accountable

to our baptismal commitment to

witness and proclaim the

Good News of Jesus Christ.