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March 10, 2021 Episode

Presented by Fr. Dustin Feddon, Ph.D. and Maria Morrison, MSW, of Equal Justice Initiative (EJI)

Pope Francis has called us to discover ourselves among the peripheries. This is essential to how the Church must respond to the human crisis that is mass incarceration, and we believe our parish communities are well poised to address this crisis.

A process of truth and reconciliation that addresses the history of racial injustice is an integral part of providing services to incarcerated people in 21st century America. Millions of African Americans are denied access to society’s goods through excessive arrests, disproportionate sentencing, inhumane incarceration, and economic and political disenfranchisement. 

•OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) Spotlight: 
They Call Me Dad: Anthony Hamilton Connects With His Sons Through Music
•From the Social Work Networker, (2004)
“The Father Influence,” article by Dr. Billie Terrell


•"The Black Father perspective: What we want America to know.“ (2020) Author: LaBoo, Kimmoly
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“Unequal Treatment: Confronting Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Healthcare" (2019). Author: Institute of Medicine 

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JUST MERCY: An Opportunity for Church Leaders to Address Racism

Presenter: Ms. Valerie Batta


The objective of this webinar is to start a meaningful dialogue and encourage the African Diaspora to look forward. History is a reminder that things happened and we cannot change that fact. However, we can look each other in the eyes and recognize that we need each more that we do admit. I am just doing my part and I hope you will join me.

​​Temple Talk-preparing for what is to come

Health-wise things are looking very uncertain with COVID and flu season. This webinar discusses how to get prepared and stay prepared with God.  Presented by: L. Beaman-Morris, a certified health coach, health food educator, foodie, home cook and faith-based nutrition educator.

Presenters: Lyndon Batiste and Ashley Morris, Th.M.

Have you noticed a declining presence of young adults in your parish? Are you wondering what can be done to improve engagement and keep young adult members? This webinar seeks to answer those questions by focusing on some of the realities and challenges that many describe as a growing chasm between the Young Adult community and the Catholic Church.We will discuss, through our shared experiences, some of the universal attitudes that Young Adults may have towards the Catholic Church. This webinar is designed to create a discussion around bridging the gap between Young Adults and the Catholic Church, and fostering a relationship that will enhance both the church and the Young Adult community and their families.

REV. KINGSLEY OGBUJI, Host and Introductions. 

Fr. Kingsley Ogbuji SSJ is a priest of St. Joseph Society of the Sacred

Heart. A native of Nigeria, Fr. Kingsley is currently the administrator of

St. Peter Claver Catholic Church Houston, Texas, where he

ministers to the spiritual and pastoral needs of the people. He holds a

bachelor’s  in philosophy from the Pontifical Urban University Rome, MA

and MDiv degrees in theology from the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, DC. 

 Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young: Young Adults as the Present Presence of the Church

Facilitator: ​LaSheka Beaman (L.B.) Morris


Nathalie Borgella   nborgell@scmail.spelman.edu

​​Avery Daniel   usn3410@gmail.com

Ashley Morris Th.M.  amorris@archatl.com​​

The Male Viewpoint on Domestic Violence
This webinar explores the role of men of faith in responding to domestic violence. Through an interactive panel discussion with male experts, we explore how to support men exposed to domestic violence, how to support healthy manhood conversations, and ways to build conversations with young men on these topics. 
Facilitated by Dr. Tricia Bent-Goodley with Panelists Tony Porter and Johnny Rice. ​Introductions by Ansel Augustine

DR BILLIE TERRELL is an active Catholic and

licensed and practicing clinical therapist. She recently retired from the

University of St. Francis as a Professor Emeritus after 25 years as a

full-time faculty member, Director of the BSW/MSW programs, Chair of the Social Work Department, and 10 years as Director of the Office of Institutional Diversity. She has maintained private practice for many years, providing individual and family therapy, consultation to employee assistance agencies and county-based trauma therapists.

The Following Webinars Were Presented In Collaboration With:

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Presenters: Dr. Natasha Wilson, Ms. Sandra Coles-Bell, and Deacon Al Turner

This presentation will explore the connections of life issues that lead people to believe that abortion is an option. These“causes” of abortion--poverty, sexism, elitism, lack of educational opportunity, joblessness, etc.--will be examined as challenges to be addressed as preventatives for abortion. We hope to show how these issues are connected and contribute to our society’s embrace of the Culture of Death. We will address the Church’s pastoral response to the spiritual and emotional aftermath of abortion for women and men: post-abortion healing ministry (Project Rachel and other associated ministries). 

If you were unable to participate in the July 24, 2019 presentation, you can access the recorded webinar by clicking the button below.

What's Our Story?: Chapter 1

Where and How is Your Soil?

April 14, 2021 Episode

Pastoral Plan of Action Webinars

The NBCC is presenting a series of webinars as a result of Congress XII feedback. The topics that were of most concern to our constituents, clergy, and leadership, formed the basis for the selection of these webinars. 

Presenter: Ms. Donna Grimes

This session will address strategies for using the USCCB’s Pastoral Letter Against Racism, titled “Open Wide Our Hearts: The Enduring Call to Love.”  Although difficult and sometimes uncomfortable to initiate, it is important to have conversations about racism in our community, and as people of faith, we are called by the Gospel to be aware of how racism presents in our country.  The strategies offered in the webinar will be invaluable to dioceses, parishes, Catholic institutions, and various ecumenical settings.

Presenter: Dr. Tricia Bent-Goodley

This presentation will focus on the impact of domestic violence on mental health among survivors. It will include how strangulation and traumatic brain injuries are increasingly impacting survivors. We will focus particularly on how this connects to the Black community and why the faith-based presence is even more important for this population.

The Grieving Journey: Conversations of the Heart and Soul
In this webinar, the goal is to give participants permission to express their losses by opening their heart and soul by: (1) identifying those losses during the coronavirus and racial upheaval; (2) expressing emotions associated with those losses; (3) bringing some awareness to what seems to be an “invisible foe”; and (4) offering coping skills for healing.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Lisa Connors, LCPC, NCC, is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, and Certified Thanatologist. 

The Healing of Families Ministry

by Fr. Yozefu B. Ssemakula

What is the Healing of Families Seminar? What does it do? How does it do it? And why is this seminar done the way Fr. Joseph does it, with such efficacy?  These are some of the questions that Fr. Joseph will be discussing during this short presentation about the Healing of Families ministry -- a ministry that has blessed thousands of families around the world.

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With Presenters: Lauren Morton and Justin T. White and Special Guests

Watch the webinar as Catholic ministry leaders hold a conversation about the new film Just Mercy, and the ways in which it can inspire action among Catholics to address the sin of racism. Just Mercy tells the stunning true story of young lawyer Bryan Stevenson and his history-making fight to exonerate Walter McMillian, a black man convicted and sentenced to death in Alabama for a crime he did not commit.

This webinar is the fourth in a series offered in collaboration with Catholic Mobilizing Network, the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, the United States Catholic Mission Association, and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on implementing the USCCB Pastoral Letter – Open Wide Our Hearts.

What's Our Story?: Chapter 9

New and Old Sowers

June 16, 2021 Episode

What's Our Story?: Chapter 5

Sustained By Grace

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What's Our Story?: Chapter 3

Cause and Calling for Our Roots

Presenters: Bishop Roy Campbell Jr., Sr. Patricia Chappell, SNDdeN, and Mr. Ralph McCloud

"This webinar will focus on the need for honesty in admitting our complicity in the sin of racism within our Catholic community. We will contextualize our remarks with the mandates found in the Gospel and in our Catholic Social Teachings. We invite our listeners to discover that racism cannot be "fixed", but rather we are all called to be transformed into a Beloved Community where all are cherished."

What's Our Story?: Chapter 6

New Fruit of Our Labor

What's Our Story?: Chapter 7

New and Old Sowers

What's Our Story?: Chapter 8

Family of Sowers

NBCC Webinars

What's Our Story?: Chapter 10

Family Reunion

May 12, 2021 Episode

Prioritizing Prayer Especially in Difficult Times
presented by Fr. Josh Johnson

In this presentation, Father Josh shares practical tools for disciples of Christ to cultivate their personal relationship with Jesus. He discusses timely topics such as strategies for parishes to remain connected, grow spiritually, and being the light of Christ in the community in view of COVID-19.



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What's Our Story?: Chapter 4

Emerging from the Soil

What's Our Story?: Chapter 2

Prayer for Our Soil


​Sr. Gayle Lwanga,  Bro. Patrick Winbrush,
Annie Tardy, Deacon Mel Tardy, and
Andrew and Terri Lyke

This webinar will explore how vocations – to which all baptized Catholics are called -- are the fruit and the seeds of a radical love. Whether single, married, clergy or religious; a properly discerned vocation would enable us to live more fully, to love more radically, to more joyfully bear witness to the Gospel and to more authentically reveal (and perhaps attract others to) the love of Christ. Only this can produce and sustain more vocations.

If you were unable to participate in the August 15, 2018 presentation, you can access the recorded webinar by clicking the button below.

The National Black Catholic Congress®

Healthy Mind, Healthy​ Faith: How brain health impacts spiritual health,and vice-versa. 
This webinar focused on identifying what brain health is, its pervasiveness in the Black community and how we can be champions of ​change in our community around this issue.

 Facilitated by Tricia B. Bent-Goodley, Ph.D., LICSW, LCSW-C with Panelists Robert J. Wingfield, Ph.D., and Dwight Hollier, LPC, NCC