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Ask Father:
Shepherd G. asks, 'How do I know if the Catholic faith is real?'

Ask Father presents an excerpt of an article written by journalist, Amelia Monroe Carlson, in answer to this question.

There are many reasons the Roman Catholic Church is the true Church of Jesus Christ. Jesus prayed for unity of believers and unity begins with understanding. The understanding of the Church’s beliefs is essential in working toward that unity:

1.) Authority- Jesus gave specific instructions regarding dealing with members of the Church who were in sin. What Evangelical/Protestant Church has the authority to remove someone completely from the church? None. If removed from the Catholic Church, one cannot go to another city and join another Catholic Parish.

2.) History- The Roman Catholic Church is the oldest and original Christian Church, therefore, the beliefs and teachings of the Church were directly passed onto the leaders of the Catholic Church by the apostles.

3.) The Catholic Church gave Christians the Bible- There are many parts of the Bible that are oral tradition which was written down because when early believers attended the Synagogue or church, the scripture was read. Oral tradition was the norm of practice long before writing and reading was a part of life. The Bible remained the original 73 books determined by the Catholic Church until the Reformation. 

4.) The Sacraments are Biblical- The Apostles were given the power to ‘forgive sins’ in John 20:23 and Jesus stated numerous times that the disciples should participate in the breaking of bread (Eucharist) by stating ‘he who eats my flesh has eternal life’.

5.) Sola Scriptura is not supported in the Bible- It is difficult to make a claim such as Sola Scriptura (The Bible Alone) when the concept of “Bible Alone” says it is not truth if it is not contained in the Bible. Jeremiah 25:3 says the “Word of the Lord” is “spoken”, not just written. Paul told us to hold to our traditions, which are taught by word and mouth or by letter. The Bible also warns about ‘twisted’ interpretations of Scripture in 2 Peter 3:16 and I Timothy 3:15 says THE CHURCH is the pillar and the bulwark of the truth. The Catholic Church has one teaching…one unified teaching…as opposed to the now 43,000 evangelical (Protestant) groups currently established, with 2.3 added each day. 

Youth and Teen Topics

Where and how do people of my culture fit into the Bible?

What is God's vision for my life?


Pat Marrin explains 'Francis, the comic strip'

Pat Marrin, creator of "Francis, the comic strip," talks about the comic and the pope who inspired it.

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A Little Catholic Humor

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Biggest and Best List of Confirmation Saints (for Guys and Girls)

It happened. I tried to stifle the laugh, but it was impossible. She was just too funny, too sassy, too real… St. Thérèse of Lisieux had literally made me laugh out loud in adoration. How embarrassingly awesome.

Ever since I was 14, St. Thérèse had been a “saint-buddy” of mine, but it was in a simple moment while reading Story of a Soul (Thérèse’s autobiography) that her journey to sainthood became real to me. Her sassy, stubborn-headed, emotional self had truly spoke to me in such a real and personal way. She spoke to me like a sister.

The saints, our teachers
What an incredible gift we have in the communion of saints. The saints are like us! They are our ancestors, our teachers, our friends, our siblings. They are real, truly human. They are sinners, they are repentant children of God.

The saints lived on this earth and experienced suffering, joy, pain, broken promises, peace, frustration, war, injury, heart-break… they know our hearts. But mostly, they know what it takes to be united with God here on this messy earth. They know what it takes to live well for Him.

Why a saint for Confirmation?
We choose a Confirmation saint (like we choose a Confirmation sponsor) not out of due diligence to the “rule,” but rather because we realize how unfortunate it would be to travel alone. We recognize how important it is to know your Confirmation saint not only by name, but also by story. The saints have so much to teach us about this journey.

The following list is for you to use as a starting point in your journey to decide whom your “Confirmation saint-buddy” will be. Pick a saint who speaks to you somehow. Read more...

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